Wednesday, February 6, 2013

what would it feel like?

Ask and it shall be given. Seek and you will find.
Are you a dreamer...unrealistic...pollyanna...pie in the sky?  What would it feel like to have exactly what you wanted?  What would it feel like to have the house of your dreams, extra money in your pocket, your ideal health, your soulmate, a life that fits you?  And why do we settle for less?  What are we waiting for if it isn't now?  Why do we easily believe that life is a challenge and find it a challenge to believe that it could be easy?  Does this at all shape how we perceive our world?  Albert Einstein said one of the most important questions we have to answer in our lifetime is whether or not we believe this to be a friendly Universe. 
How is it for you? 

As a child, one thing I had looked forever for was a full conch shell on the beach.  Growing up on the Great Lakes, I always thought I would find one...never realizing that it was nearly impossible.  But dreams, even small ones can may take have to keep looking.  I found one just a short time ago in Bethany Beach, Delaware while walking with my friend, Susan.  She exclaimed, "See!  It took a hurricane, but you got your whole conch shell!"  It is a treasured item in my room...a reminder to stay focused on my dreams...keep searching for that treasure.  It is there for all of us every single day if we are willing to seek. 
What treasure are you seeking?

One of my favorite YouTube videos on this topic is here: